When it comes to your health, you need the best.

Water is vital for our survival . The body can go without food for 40 days, but it can only go 3 days without water!!!

This is because 75% of our body is water, 75% of our brain is water, 86% of our liver and 83% of our blood is water!

So, if we don't keep our body hydrated, it becomes unable to function properly and work to its maximum potential. 

After drinking 10l of Kangen filtered water , every 3 days for over a year (cheers Chris). 

I saw first hand the benefits and tasted the difference in the quality of the water.

With numerous news articles lately being published, about contaminated drinking water . Whilst also seeing the breakdown of what is contained in my tap water.  The list which is not exhaustive included Heavy metals, fluoride and it was seen to be very high in chlorine.

I decided if I wanted to be attacking my cancer 360 Degrees, then I needed to be fuelling my cells with the best nutrients.

So  of course this had to apply for my water.

I bite the bullet and bought a full system for myself.

Ive never looked back.......


The word “KANGEN” is a Japanese term, meaning to return to the origin!


The Water its self is smooth tasting. Not only do these devices filter your tap water, but they also produce ionised alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis.

These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning.

Health Benefits:-

Improves and cures many illnesses

Better sleep,
more energy,
greater endurance,

less fatigue,
healthy skin
better mental clarity,
reduction of body fat through increased metabolism improvement.

The picture to the right was of a test to see how much chlorine was in my

water. The pinker the water the higher the chlorine levels , mine was extremely Pink as you can see. 

The cup which is not pink was  a re test after filtration of the water was complete.


The machine:

It’s the only water machine that is certified as a medical device in the USA and Japan, which are used in hospitals.
Cancer cannot exist above 7.4ph, your body is made up of over 80% water and every cell needs the best water to function correctly.

The system itself Alkaline's drinking water up to 9.5ph. It actually can go as high 11.5ph, but this is highly alkaline,and not suitable for drinking. But it is amazing for washing the chemicals off fruit & vegetables.   
The water is highly Oxygenated. (This is done after it has been through a charcoal filter which removes all the rubbish out the water) by Ionising it which also pumps it full of antioxidants.

Contact Kate O'Brien on 07771508343 if you are interested in more information and wishing to purchase one.