My Journey

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.

So who Am I ???


I am Dave Bolton , a  husband to my lovely wife Samantha, who I married in 2007.  

We have two beautiful mini Boltons called Josh & Halle. We also have 2 minature dachshunds , Roxy and Oreo.

I'm a 35Years young , Husband, Dad , Brother, Uncle, Cousin and friend. 

On leaving school I joined  Hm Forces in the R.A.F. After 3 years I became a police constable.

I retired from the Merseyside Police Constabulary when diagnosed with Terry. Where I served 13 years and 6 months years, reaching the rank of  Sergeant. 


After a near fatal accident in 2004 I was told I would never walk again.  Not only did I defy the odds to walk again,  but I went on to become Welsh, British then World Light Heavy Weight Kickboxing Champion with TEAM GB in Italy 2009. 

On retiring from the force in 2014. I soon became a Professional fully qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach. Plying my trade, out of the amazing Underground Training Station. I carved out a great reputation in this field, working with professional athletes, Teams and the general public. 


Who is Terry??.......


I was diagnosed with cancer on 1st May 2014,  This was following no symptoms and a nocturnal seizure . Following being rushed into hospital it  later was shown that I had  a tennis ball sized brain tumour, in my frontal lobe. I called it Terry... an Astrocytoma II

I underwent surgery to debulk Terry . Following a successful operation at The Walton centre for neurology, I was back on my feet faster than predicted.  



I attended a 6 month routine MRI check up, in July 2015.


At the results meeting, they unfortunately delivered the news that we were not expecting....

Terry had returned and had turned from a grade 2 Astrocytoma into a potential malignant high grade 3 or  Glioblastoma Multiform 4 (GBM4). 

I  returned to Walton a few days later , to under go life saving brain surgery, yet again!!!! 

2 Brain surgerys in 16 months !!!!

They removed as much of Terry as they could. Surgery took longer than originally planned, due to finding more of the  tumour, than was on the scan.

The pathology results  came back that Terry was in fact a high grade 4 Glioblastoma :(

The GBM4 is known as , The Terminator in the medical world. 


I completed 6 weeks of dual treatment radiotherapy & Chemotherapy (see Treatment page) I am currently engaged in 6 months intensive chemotherapy to hopefully to stop Terry in his tracks.



"I Don't fear cancer, my brain tumour. I don't fear this journey I must walk. I embrace it!!!! It will make me stronger, wiser. I have become richer through the new, old and renewed friendships this journey has thrust upon me and the situations I now find myself in. I will do and experience things , that I would never have done before my diagnosis & my journey started. I will live my life to the most I possibly can , with the people I love and respect the most. I will succeed for I do not fear death no more , I may have cancer but it doesn't have to have me.

Behind those dark clouds the sun still shines bright x " - Dave Bolton.


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Whether it is with coming to terms with a condition or family members getting an inside into what their loved ones are going through. My Blog  has been read in 52 countries and over 10000 times.

Its a very raw and blunt account of life with cancer and my journey to survive against the odds..... see link above.