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Dave has started Motivational speaking by sharing his life story

and how he has overcome adversity and inspires hope through a

powerful presentation of Images and Videos that leaves the

audience through a range of emotions from laughter to tears. 






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Pull Ups To Paris!

Stu Vance & Chris Thomas

Stu and Chris are strength and conditioning coaches at the Underground Training Station in Hoylake. Dave started coaching there at a similar time to Chris, shortly after he left the Police.

Stu being head coach at the facility, but also a long time friend of Dave, has been there for years and helped with the integration of both Chris and Dave.

All three became busy practicing their trade,Making a great name for themselves, this meant working long hours together and is where the relationship between the three of them was formed.

It was from this relationship that both Chris and Stu decided to try and raise some money for Dave and his family, the intention was to send them all away on a holiday once Dave’s treatment has finished. 


And so………. “PULL UPS TO PARIS” was born and executed to perfection. Both lads Drove  to Paris and back in 24hours  on Sunday 6th September. They will be stopped off at EVERY service station from Hoylake, Merseyside to Paris the Eiffel Tower and back, at EVERY station they carried out 20 pull ups and 20 press ups. The distance the lads covered was  528 miles. Like a top gear special the lads Finished back at Underground HQ in 23hrs 58mins  completing the Epic challenge with 2 mins to spare.

Chris and Stu not only raised over a whopping 12k but also raised much needed Awareness for Brain Tumours.

One of the most underfunded cancers of all , yet one of the biggest killers of the under 40's  worldwide. 




Vicky Lewis is a long time friend. Who with her business partner, Lee Brogdan, undertook in a charity event which saw them do all there classes back to back no rest in one 14hr period.

This was just not various forms of hot yoga , but boxing, TRX ,spinning and insanity classes..

The pair, along with their members, raised a huge £3,250 for their 14hour physical marathon . 

Marie Johns, charity head shave...
and a fellow colleagues husband charity sky dive.

Marie is a work colleague and friend to Samantha ( My wife.)

Marie decided to shave her hair off in support of my battle and hair loss through radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Jo Holebrook is another one of Sams amazing team, whose husband threw himself out a plane at 13,ooo ft, to raise money .  

These unbelievable acts raised over £1000.00 for the Boltons.


Chris Thomas , Stu Vance and Debbie Kruger, attended the 'Your Champions' Award night.

This was held on Friday 13th Novemebr 2015 at the prestigious Crowne Plaza hotel, in Chester.  This was following being nominated and recognised  for their support of Dave and for raising much needed awareness of Brain Tumours.